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Japanese Beauty Rituals: Eat your way to eternal youth.

Beauty starts on your plate Eating right will considerably improve your health and impact strongly your body and your mind. Japanese people are amongst the most self-aware people regarding their weight. The following comparisons are not Best vs Worst. Japan’s obesity rate is the lowest in the world, the 2014’s OECD report shows Japan and Korea ranked 1st with a mere 3.8%, roughly ten … Read More Japanese Beauty Rituals: Eat your way to eternal youth.


Could Gold become your new beauty routine eldorado?

Gold always fascinated us and served many purposes throughout history. Some attributed magical properties to it and nowadays gold is considered as a revolutionary cosmetic ingredient.


Waterless beauty routine, less is more

According to a Mintel report, by 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in countries of regions with absolute water scarcity. By 2030, the world will only have 60% of the water that it needs if current water usage doesn’t change. Some brands are already looking into alternatives in order to limit their dependence on water.

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