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Sillages Paris : Your fragrance designed by and for Millennials.

Founded by Maxime Garcia Janin in 2016,  Sillages Paris is definitely a brand to follow. A good balance between fun and excellence.  With its disruptive approach, Sillages Paris is breaking the codes of Haute Parfumerie.

“Sillages Paris is the first online & customisable Haute Parfumerie brand, made by and for millennials”. Thanks to its team of talented perfumers and its top notch algorithm, you can create your fragrance in no time.


Japanese Beauty Rituals: Eat your way to eternal youth.

Beauty starts on your plate Eating right will considerably improve your health and impact strongly your body and your mind. Japanese people are amongst the most self-aware people regarding their weight. The following comparisons are not Best vs Worst. Japan’s obesity rate is the lowest in the world, the 2014’s OECD report shows Japan and Korea ranked 1st with a mere 3.8%, roughly ten … Read More Japanese Beauty Rituals: Eat your way to eternal youth.


From Fitting to customizing, Virtual Reality is revolutionizing the beauty industry

The digital has redefined the shopping experience for beauty products consumers. From mobile applications to virtual reality, brands and retailers leverage these digital tools in order to offer compelling experiences to their consumers whilst enabling them to customize their makeup products.


Nail Revolution lets you customize the colour of your nail polish

If you ever dreamed about matching your nail polish colour with your dress, now it is possible. Capitalizing on the savoir-faire of the Swiss company Colorix, Provaine offers to its consumers the possibility to customize the colour of their nail polish.

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