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Shiseido acquired Award-Winning Beauty App MATCHCo

MATCHCo In 2013,  David Gross and Andy Howell (personalization and technology experts) founded MATCHCo, a U.S.-based startup that enable customers to scan their unique skin tones through MATCHCO’s mobile application in order to create customized foundation perfectly matching their skin tone(your name and date it was made printed on the bottle). The foundation  contains beneficial anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients like peptides, Green tea extracts & Vitamin … Read More Shiseido acquired Award-Winning Beauty App MATCHCo


Find your dream fragrance with Nose

Thousand of perfumes are released each year, did you really pick your dream fragrance ? According to a survey done in 2015 by the Fragrance Foundation, you did and you didn’t. Finding The One is not a thing for most of the consumers, 90% of French consumers use several fragrances. Depending on their mood or the seasons they will use one or another. If … Read More Find your dream fragrance with Nose


From Fitting to customizing, Virtual Reality is revolutionizing the beauty industry

The digital has redefined the shopping experience for beauty products consumers. From mobile applications to virtual reality, brands and retailers leverage these digital tools in order to offer compelling experiences to their consumers whilst enabling them to customize their makeup products.

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