L’Oréal teamed up with Withings to create the first Smart Brush

Keep an eye on Withings


If you don’t know them by now, their latest collaboration with L’Oréal will definitely catch your attention.

Cédric Hutchings and Eric Carreel founded Withings in 2008. Capitalizing on their strong expertise in the new technologies and iot (Internet of things), Withings offers a braod range of “smart” products designed to simplify your everyday life and get the control back on your health.

L’Oréal does it again

Last year L’Oréal came up with its my UV PATCH for its brand La Roche-Posay. Just a quick reminder if you missed it, this patch is connected to a mobile application providing you personalized information regarding your UV exposure.

Somewhere around mid 2017, you will be able to enjoy its brand new CES 2017 award winner “Smart Hair Coach“. L’Oréal collaborated with Withings to develop the fist smart brush and  for its brand Kerastase.

The Smart Hair Coach is no regular brush, it features:

  • Microphones that will capture your hair’s sound waves in order to spot frizziness, dryness, split ends or breakage.
  • Gyroscope analyzing your move (force and speed).
  • Accelerometer counting the strokes.
  • Vibration guiding you through your brushing.

As soon as you start using the brush, it will connect to the mobile application on your smartphone via your bluetooth.

On the mobile application you will find all the data collected from your every usage and a personalized diagnostic of your hair and recommendations (products, tutorial..) to improve the health of your hair.

With this innovation L’Oréal hopes to boost Kerastase market share and to offer a new beauty routine for its consumers.

Few questions to consider

How much will it cost?

Is it designed for any type of hair (curly/ african hair…)?


Everything you need to know about Clinique and Crayola collaboration

Is 2017 going to be the year of Nostalgia? After Clarins  bringing some good old high school vibes with its 4 Colors All in one Pen, it’s now Clinique’s turn with this limited edition.


The Chubby Stick™ design will definitely put a smile on your face.




This collection offers  8 different shades (Brick RedWild StrawberryMango TangoMelonMauvelousPink SherbertFuzzy Wuzzy and Red Violet).

You can buy them individually (US$17.00), set of 4 minis (US$25.00) or set of 8 minis (US$49.50).

These lipsticks are loaded with shea butter and mango. Your lips will be smooth and soft so don’t wait and go get your Chubby Stick™.


Kourtney Kardashian’s new favorite beauty ingredient

Among all the spices used in cosmetics, we tend to think about coffee, pepper or black cumin. Whilst going through my twitter feed I came across this Tweet from Kourtney Kardashian.


I decided to have a look at her blog to see  what she was on about. Turns out it was a good idea. Most of us tend to overlook this spice, we probably only know about its cooking  benefits but Nutmeg is more than that and I am gonna tell you why.

The Golden spice

Nutmeg (also known as Myristica fragrans),  is coming from an evergreen tree indigenous to the Banda Islands in the Moluccas (or Spice Islands) of Indonesia.

The Banda Islands became really popular destination during the Elizabethan times because people believed that Nutmeg could ward off plague. Very quickly Europeans explorers started travelling to Asia to find more of it. Thanks to its therapeutic properties, Nutmeg was used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.  Quickly its price skyrocketed.

Health benefits of Nutmeg essential oil

Below are the benefits of Nutmeg essential oil according to Mercola:

  • Address bad breath — Nutmeg oil, when used as a gargle, helps address bad breath. It can also help eliminate toxins from your gut that may contribute to foul-smelling breath.
  • Massage oil — When used as one, nutmeg essential oil can help relieve muscle pain, swelling, inflammation, and even promote circulation. Oil of nutmeg can also be used as a natural painkiller and treat menstrual discomfort.
  • Sleeping aid — Nutmeg oil has a sedative and calming effect. stimulates the release of serotonin, which the brain changes to melatonin (sleep inducer).
  • Stimulant — Nutmeg oil can help remove exhaustion and treat anxiety-related symptoms. It can also enhance your concentration.
  • Detoxification agent — This oil helps remove toxins from your liver and kidneys, as well as helps dissolve kidney stones and uric acid.
  • Flavoring agent — To replace ground nutmeg, which can leave food particles in food and beverages, nutmeg oil has been used as a natural flavoring extract.

DIY beauty recipes


Thanks to  KRISTIN COLLINS JACKSON and CRUNCHY BETTY, you now have 3 easy to make recipes to boost your beauty.

Acne exfoliating cleanser

  • 60 g of raw honey
  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda
  • 2 drops of clove oil
  • 1 teaspoon of nutmeg
  • 1-2 drops of Lemon Juice or Apple Cider Vinegar (optional)

Mix the baking soda into the raw honey and add your clove oil to make the paste spreadable. I use lemon juice to break up my mixture even more and give any dark spots leftover from acne some extra help. Next add a teaspoon of nutmeg and massage into your skin for at least 2 minutes. Your face will feel warm and slightly tingly because the nutmeg is getting deep into your pores, treating the deeper layers of your skin. Rinse with lukewarm water and prepare to fend off anyone with a sweet tooth: Your face will smell delicious for the next few hours.

Spot treatment

  • 1 table spoon of cinnamon
  • 1 table spoon of nutmeg
  • 1 table spoon of raw honey
  • Few drops of lemon juice

Mix everything together and add the lemon juice at the end. Then apply it onto your skin.

Microdermabrasion and Exfoliator ( Recipe from Crunchy Betty, have a look at her blog)

  • 1/2 table spoon of nutmeg
  • 1 table spoon of whole milk or coconut milk
  • 1 bowl

Combine the nutmeg and milk in the small bowl, stirring well. Starting with a clean face, massage the nutmeg/milk mixture lightly over your face in small circles, always moving upwards. If you’re brave and don’t mind getting a little messy, do this on your decolletage, as well. It would make for a very glowing, soft neck and chest.

After you’ve exfoliated for 5-10 minutes, rinse well with warm water and pat dry.

When I’ve done this, I haven’t wanted to add any moisturizer on top for a few hours. My skin just feels too perfect to add anything to it. But you could tone and moisturize directly after, if you don’t have time to wait a few hours (say, before going to sleep or putting on makeup).



12 beauty ingredients to sublimate your black skin

So long skin bleaching ! Hello beautiful black skin

According to the World Health Organization, 77% of Nigerian women use skin lightening products on a regular basis, as do 59% in Togo, 35% in South Africa, 27% in Senegal and 25% in Mali. The popular trend of whitening is moving toward brightening and lightening (new shape of light, emphasizing the contrasts created by the beautiful face’s forms).

African women become more and more aware of their skin needs. FC Beauty College educates the Ghanaian youth about skin care product and promote products which emphasize the beauty of the black skin, at a time when many companies are selling dangerous skin-bleaching formulas.


Forever Clair : Dedicated to black skin


Creating  products which emphasize the beauty of the black skin.

Finding the right products addressing your skin needs is quite challenging for African women with black skin. They want tailored-made products. They understand how the sun is damaging their skin and they need products targeting specific needs, no more multi-purpose products.  People with black and very dark skin tend to believe that they are fully protected against the damage of the sun which is not the case. Their skin needs to be protected, nourished and they need products to address their hyper-pigmentation issue.

Beauty made in Africa

African women are celebrating their roots and fully embracing their heritage. We see more and more women flaunting their beautiful afro. The Africa’s young and talented entrepreneurs are animated by a strong will to create luxury ventures through reinvesting in ancient rituals and precious African ingredients.

12 beauty ingredients and their benefits

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  • Macadamia nuts are becoming more and more mainstream.
  • Speeds up the healing of post-acne marks.
  • Moisturizing, anti-ageing, nourishing.
  • Gives to the skin and hair a silky touch.

Try this product: Macadamia Oil Extract Exclusive Nourishing Body Butter



  • Avocado is your go-to, you can use it for pretty much everything and any skin type.
  • Soothing, anti-ageing, nourishing, moisturizing, refreshing.
  • Sun protection, anti-dandruff, gives silky touch, revitalizing.

Try this product: Sephora – Face Mask – Avocado




  • Anti-ageing, soothing, moisturizing, hair conditioning, skin healing.
  • Soft and full lips.

Try this product: Fresh – Cocoa Body Exfoliant




Also known as Nigella Saliva, this ingredient was used by Pharaohs to cure pretty much everything. Somehow they were right to do so.

  • Soothing, moisturizing, anti-ageing,  protection.
  • Pigmentation: Shows significant results against Vitiligo
  • Wound/ acne healing.
  • Antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral.

Try this product: Charmes d’Orient – Face Cream Sensitive Skins




Used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine.

  • Anti-microbial,  anti-ageing, skin toning, Stimulant. Can also be used to exfoliate dead skin.
  • Anti-inflammatory helps prevent acne.
  • Anti-dandruff and revitalize your hair.

     Try this product: Molton Brown – Black Peppercorn collection




  • Anti-ageing, soothing, anti-inflammatory.
  • Reduces cellulite, under-eye dark circle and redness.
  • Can also be used to exfoliate dead skin.
  • Stimulates hair growth and repairs sun damages.

Try this product: Lush – Cup O’ Coffee




  • Anti-ageing, nourishing, moisturizing, hair conditioning (sleek and shine Styling).
  • Wound/ acne healing.

Try this product: Argan Infinity Cream Intensive Creamy Oil




The size of golf-balls, ripe marula fruit consists of a pungent, apple-like odor, and a soft-leathery butter-yellow colored exterior, which encases an exotic tasting juicy white pulp. Enclosed within the pulp is tightly-held brown-colored stone, which consists of 2-3 cavities. Each cavity consists of a small, fragile, yet prized marula seed.

  •  Anti-ageing
  • Ultra nourishing and moisturizing.

Try this product: Pure Marula Facial Oil or African Botanics South Africa – Marula firming botanical oil




  • Anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, nourishing, moisturizing, soothing.
  • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Speeds up the healing of post-acne marks.

Try this product: Annique – Forever Young Creme de nuit




  • Anti-ageing , ultra nourishing and moisturizing.
  • Sun protection
  • Protective and conditioning hair care products.

Try this product: Drunk Elephant – Lippe or Jersey Shore Cometics – Mongongo or Eden’s Theory – Ximenia And Manketti Hair And Body Oil

    11. MAFURA


  • Anti-ageing, ultra nourishing and moisturizing.
  • Protective and conditioning hair care products.

Try this product: Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Masque




  • Strong moisturizing skin and hair properties; easy absorption, improves elasticity, encourages regeneration of skin cells.
  • Scalp: protection of hair fibres, adds shine to shampoos and moisturizes dry hair
  • Hands/Nails: Strengthens fingernails from breaking

Try this product: PHYTOSPECIFIC Baobab Oil


Clarins latest innovation: 4-Colors All-in-One Pen

When Clarins turns High School nostalgia into innovation

Looking at this pen I can’t help thinking about my old days in high school using my 4 colors  BIC pen.


Clarins 4-Colors All-in-One Pen could be your new best friend when it will be released on the 16th January 2017 on Clarins e-commerce web site.

Clarins 4-Colors All-in-One Pen offers 3 different colors of eye-liner (Black, dark brown and royal blue) and 1 lipliner that will give to your lips a fantastic nude look.

If it wasn’t enough, it also contains jojoba and sunflower oils.



Japanese Beauty Rituals: Eat your way to eternal youth.

Beauty starts on your plate

Eating right will considerably improve your health and impact strongly your body and your mind. Japanese people are amongst the most self-aware people regarding their weight. The following comparisons are not Best vs Worst. Japan’s obesity rate is the lowest in the world, the 2014’s OECD report shows Japan and Korea ranked 1st with a mere 3.8%, roughly ten times lower than the US (41%).

Alongside this low rate it is worth mentioning that Japanese people eat 25% less calories and less fat than American (2710 kCal vs 3639 kCal and 87.3 g of fat vs 161.6 g of fat according to the 2011’s OECD report). We could fairly assume that eating with chopsticks takes longer than using forks or spoons, this extra time is long enough for Japanese people to realize when their stomach is full. Japanese tend to drink less sweet beverages (Fruit Juice: 27% vs 51% global; Soft drinks: 29% vs 42% Global) and more coffee (75% vs 56% Global) and tea (81% vs 61% Global).

Boost your health and beauty one bite at a time

Japanese women diet turns around the following ingredients. Most of them can easily be incorporated in your diet and the good news they are cheap.



Shitake Mushrooms

They are rich in protein, fiber, Vitamin D, calcium and will help you to lower your blood cholesterol. Among the various types of mushrooms, Enoki, Shitake, Maitake and Reishi varieties are the most common in Japanese cuisine.



Nori rolls

Nori, Kombu, Wakame and Arame varieties are great sources of Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Iodine, Vitamin C and B, fibers and beta-carotene.



Rich in omega-3, low fat protein, vitamin, riboflavin and minerals (Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, zinc, phosphorus, iodine).



Although you might already eat regularly rice. A quick reminder of its benefits will definitely put a smile on your face. Rice will help you to stabilize your blood sugar, it is rich in vitamins, fibers, calcium, iron, thiamine, riboflavin and some more minerals.

Japanese women also use rice water as part of their beauty routine. “Rice water contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are essential for beautiful skin, including ferulic acid, which is a great antioxidant, and allantoin, known for its anti-inflammatory properties” says Jillee. Have a look at her blog “One good thing by Jillee” for some awesome applications of rice water.

Brassica vegetables (Cabbage, Broccoli, cauliflower, radish and bok choy)


Cabbage salad

These vegetables are the go-to for Japanese people. You can find them in salads, soups or alongside rice. Cabbage is known for its awesome health benefits such as boosting the immune system, purifying the blood, and killing viruses and bacteria.  It’s also great source of fibers, antioxidant, vitamins and your new best friend to fat off your lovely hips.

Green tea


No surprise here. Everybody knows about green tea benefits on your diet (boost your metabolism). As opposed to any other type of tea, green tea does not go through fermentation process. Hence it keeps its high level of antioxidant (Catechin). As a matter of fact, green tea contains more antioxidants than most the fruits and vegetables. Green tea reduces risk of heart disease and cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure.

Japanese people founds millions ways to enjoy, if you have been to Japan you definitely noticed Matcha tea (specially grown and processed green tea) was everywhere and incorporated in everything.

One of my favorite place to go for their awesome Matcha desserts is Tsujiri


Photo from Instragram @classicate


Put your VR Glasses on and plunge into the world of Serges Lutens brand

Serges Lutens is among the first niche fragrance brand to offer such a bespoke digital experience to its consumers. Its flagship located near Palais Royal in Paris creates an immersive experience thanks to its Virtual Reality Glasses and its mobile application Perspective. With this innovation, Serges Lutens hopes to attract millennials.


With the mobile application, consumers can turn their smartphone into digital compass. The simple visit becomes a treasure hunt allowing consumers to discover promotional code hidden in the store. Through the app, we can take pictures and apply the iconic symbols of the Serge Lutens brand to our photos using unique filters. The mobile app users are invited to share their pictures with Serges Lutens community on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #perspectivesergeslutens.

With the Occulus, customers plunge into the world of Serges Lutens brand to discover emblematic places such as The Royal Palace, Colette’s apartment, the restaurant “Le Grand Véfour” and secret place hidden in the heart of the Medina of Marrakesh.


Guerlain celebrates the art of Arita’s porcelain with its limited edition of its iconic fragrance Mitsouko

Arita, the epicenter of porcelain industry

Located in Saga prefecture on Kyûshû Island in southern Japan, Arita thanks to its kaolin mine, quickly became the epicenter for the Japanese porcelain industry. Introduced by Yi Sam-Pyeong, a Korean craftsman in 1616, the porcelain from Arita also known as Aritaware or Aritayaki flourished for centuries.

Today, one of Arita’s oldest and largest-scale operating kilns is Yazaemon Kiln. Fonded in 1804 by Matsumoto Yazaemon I, Yazaemon Kiln has produced through seven generations countless pieces of art. Using its ever evolving techniques inherited from past generations, highly skilled craftsmen create porcelain pieces. Through variations of colors and textures, each porcelain piece expresses the beauty of Japanese seasons. Yazaemon Kiln recently changed its name for Arita Porcelain Lab.


Enter a caption

Kyokujitsu Kisshoumon Vase created by Yazaemon VII in 13 weeks.

Mitsouko Aritayaki

This year, Guerlain and Arita Porcelain Lab celebrated the 400th anniversary of Arita’s porcelain. The Guerlain’s House on 68th Champs-Elysées boulevard turned into a Japanese garden in order to welcome Arita Porcelain Lab exhibit (from 17th November 2016 to 7th January 2017, on the first floor).

For this occasion, Arita Porcelain Lab designed a porcelain vessel for Guerlain’s iconic fragrance Mitsouko. This is a limited edition and there are only 500 units.


 “The design of Mitsouko Aritayaki is based on a rising sun motif, which has long expressed “clear skies” and been used on auspicious occasions and the like. Within a design featuring the sun’s rays extending in all directions, it presents a motif scattered with symbols of good luck long conveyed in Aritayaki motifs, such as paulownia to represent elegance; plums, considered a symbol of life; tree peony, which removes negative vibes; and chrysanthemum, representing longevity. Its style is both classical and modern.” – Alena Chudakova.



How Shiseido Ventures Partners and Dolce Gabbana license will help Shiseido to achieve its Vision 2020?


Vision 2020

The objective is to accomplish sustainable growth over the next 100 years. In order to achieve it Shiseido elaborated a mid-to-long term strategy called “Vision 2020

Shiseido aims to become a company…


At the moment Shiseido is ranked 7th worldwide(fragrance) and owns the licenses for Issey Miyake, Narciso Rodriguez, Elie Saab et Azzedine Alaïa and Zadig & Voltaire. “Our 5-year objective is to go from 7.1 to 9% in market share” – Louis Desazars, President of Shiseido Group EMEA. By doing so Shiseido hopes to become 5th worldwide. Shiseido reorganized itself, Beauté Prestige International I snow part of the new entity Shiseido Group EMEA.

Shiseido acquired Dolce & Gabbana license

This was kind of a shocker news. Earlier this year, Coty acquired P&G beauty brands. Among them was Dolce & Gabbana. D&G refused the transfer and joined Shiseido portfolio. This is a great opportunity for Shiseido after all the loss of Jean Paul Gaultier license was quite traumatic. In 2015, D&G revenue was 400 Million Euros. “Dolce & Gabbana is a very powerful brand yet it is under exploited” – Louis Desazars. With this acquisition Beauté Prestige International hopes to double its revenue. The collaboration was made official on October 1st.

Shiseido Venture Partners investments in start-up ventures

shiseido-venture-partners As part of its Vision 2020, Shiseido is planning on establishing an internal venture capital organization that will invest up to 24 Million euros in innovative tech-startups. Shiseido will focus on startups using cutting-edge technology to deliver beauty. Shiseido Venture Partners will offer financial and business support to its startups.  They recently acquired Dricos, a Japanese startup who produces HealthServer, a technology providing consumers with personalized supplement drinks based on biometrics data collected from fingerprints analysis. The HealthServer helps people to maintain good health. A growing part of the world population is becoming more and more health-conscious, keeping good health is also a way to enjoy long-lasting beauty and youth.


Sylvaine Delacourte Paris debuts.

 A journey, a meeting, an ascent

As she was an International Training Manager for Makeup and Skin Care at Guerlain, a scent changed her destiny forever. Sylvaine Delacourte remembers the delicate and captivating sillage of L’Heure Bleue she smelled that day. This Guerlain’s classic became her signature fragrance and took her on a journey to a world scents and emotions.

Her passion and expertise of Guerlain quickly caught the attention of Jean-Paul Guerlain. The two will collaborate for a time and later on she became the Art Director at Guerlain. “The senses awake, her curiosity sharpened by travels, encounters, experiences, Sylvaine cultivates an intuition that she knows how to transform into certainty then success (L’Instant, Insolence, the collections Aqua Allegoria and L’Art et la Matière)” – says Marie-Sybille Gambert.

Fueled by a strong desire to create her own universe and to stand on her own feet, she decided to launch her own brand Sylvaine Delacourte Paris.

Her Philosophy

Sylvaine Delacourte fell in love with fragrances. Whilst collaborating with Jean-Paul Guerlain she learned about the fragrance ingredients and how to combine them as well as the level of exigence required to create exceptional fragrances.

Sylvaine wants to share emotion, memories and her passion for perfume. She wants to convey the fascinating art of creation and her olfactive curiosity.

5 Fragrances, 5 portraits, 5 interpretations of Musk


Through « La collection Muscs », Sylvaine explores 5 different interpretations of Musk. Each scent is composed of a blend of musks. Two perfumers collaborated with Sylvaine: Anne-Louise Gautier for Dovana and Irene Farmachidi for the other four scents. Sylvaine doesn’t like aggressive notes, her collection is made of long-lasting fragrances with elegant sillage.

Sylvaine has chosen to store her creation in an elegant bottle, nestled beautifully in a metallic copper rose box. The fragrances are available in 100ml (135€).


The softness of a petal as light as a floating bubble.



A powdery and velvety tenderness.



The generous caress of sun on our skin.



The gentle freshness of a bouquet of leaves.



A warm breeze from the South.


A bespoke experience

Whilst many niche brands are being created each year, it is quite challenging for new comers to differentiate themselves.

Sylvaine Delacourte Paris collection is only available on her web site.  In order to introduce people to her collection, she designed « L’Expérience Découverte (Discovery Experience) » which offers to her potential consumers a fully immersive experience in the universe of each of her creations. For only 4 euros you have a 1.7 ml sample of each perfume. Sylvaine teaches about raw materials and customers can interact directly with her.


L’étoile et le Papillon, the first fragrance by Jean-Michel Duriez Paris


“Perfume is a fluid emotion, our lives vibrate throughout his waves. The perfume exalts the imagination, so I make my fragrances with bits of dreams.” – Jean-Michel Duriez.



Jean-Michel Duriez, former perfumer for Rochas and Jean Patou celebrated his 30 years’ career anniversary by releasing his first perfume “L’étoile et le papillon” (The star and the butterfly) under his own brand Jean-Michel Duriez Paris. This unisex fragrance was created by Jean-Michel Duriez 10 years ago for a couple of friends who were getting married. This scent is the embodiment of their union. An exquisite blend of Turkish rose, ylang, Caledonian sandalwood, Texan cedar, patchouli and lichen accords. An alchemy with an elegant and luxurious sillage.


For his first collection, Jean-Michel Duriez collaborated with street artist Noé Two. Each perfume will be sold in a unique and limited edition box designed by Noé Two. The bottle was designed by Pierre Dinan. The perfume is available in a popup store within Galerie Viviene in Paris and should be available in Printemps, Nose and Sens Unique soon enough. In February 2017 will be released his second collection of 7 fragrances.


Dior has opened its first exclusive makeup store.


Many of the world beauty giants have already staged store openings, such as Chanel, Urban Decay (temporary), Giorgio Armani (temporary), L’Oréal Paris, Maybelline and NYX Cosmetics. As part of Dior’s strategy to attract millennials, Dior opened a new store located in the Westfield World Trade Center.


Mixing modernity and audacity, this new store creates an immersive experience for customers. Just a few steps in and they will feel like being part of fashion show. Neon lights, mirrored ceilings reflecting Dior’s muses, this new space transports the customers in the world of Peter Philips Creative and Image Director for Dior makeup.

The store features a Mix & Match video table enabling customers to try nail polish or lipstick on virtual model; a lip studio where they can play with different shades, textures or colors; Six professional makeup stations heighten the experience, offering professional services like face consultations or lash and brow styling.


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