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Turn your home into a beauty spa with these bestseller Japanese devices

Japanese beauty market is known as one of the most advanced and innovative market, and Japanese ladies have established their reputation of beauty expertise with the ultra-complicated and sophisticated beauty routines. Now their daily skincare ritual is not just about the bottles and jars on the dressing tables. With the booming of beauty devices on the market, Japanese ladies literally turn their homes into a beauty spa!


Japanese Beauty Rituals: Eat your way to eternal youth.

Beauty starts on your plate Eating right will considerably improve your health and impact strongly your body and your mind. Japanese people are amongst the most self-aware people regarding their weight. The following comparisons are not Best vs Worst. Japan’s obesity rate is the lowest in the world, the 2014’s OECD report shows Japan and Korea ranked 1st with a mere 3.8%, roughly ten … Read More Japanese Beauty Rituals: Eat your way to eternal youth.

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