Japanese beauty market is known as one of the most advanced and innovative market, and Japanese ladies have established their reputation of beauty expertise with the ultra-complicated and sophisticated beauty routines. Now their daily skincare ritual is not just about the bottles and jars on the dressing tables. With the booming of beauty devices on the market, Japanese ladies literally turn their homes into a beauty spa!

Let’s take a look at the top sellers in one of the most important retailer in Japan— Rakuten 


  1. ReFa CARAT massager (250 USD or 25,704 yen on Rakuten)
ReFa CARAT massager

ReFa CARAT massager

This platinum-coated massager claims to replicate a professional aesthetician’s massage action, with mild microcurrent powered by a solar panel. You could use it dry or wet, on both your face and your body. This model is the most sold one of the collection, however there are other massagers designed for different areas of the face/body, such as S Carat for eye and lip contour, Body for hip, waist and thighs.

 What are the claimed benefits?

Massages could enhance blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, thus encourage the metabolism of skin. Some users give feedbacks of having their faces look smaller and their jawlines lifted.


  1. Areti Clarity: Wrinkle (L) / (S) (23.5 USD or 2,484 yen on Rakuten)
Areti Clarity: Wrinkle (L) / (S)

Areti Clarity: Wrinkle (L) / (S)

The device allegedly emits ions to remove impurities from the skin and to enhance the penetration of active ingredients of the skincare products through iontophoresis. However you need to use gel-type products so the actives could be ionised. It vibrates 8,500 times per minute to relax the facial muscle. Clarity: Wrinkle (L) is designed for the whole face while Clarity: Wrinkle (S) is for the eye contour area. The affordable price makes this device popular among young Japanese consumers.

 What are the claimed benefits?

Deep cleansing of the skin and increase in the skincare product efficacy. Massages with vibrations ease the fatigue of muscle and augment skin metabolism.


  1. Belulu Classy multifunctional beauty facial massager (113.4 USD or 11,980 yen on Rakuten)
Belulu Classy multifunctional beauty facial massager

Belulu Classy multi-functional beauty facial massager

This multi-functional beauty device is also equipped with an ion emitter which the manufacturer claims to have deep cleansing benefit and to boost the skin penetration of skin care actives. The ultrasonic vibration feature enhances both actives penetration and skin metabolism. The LED lights includes three different wavelengths and corresponding claims: The red light achieves anti-ageing effect through the stimulation of collagen synthesis; the green light regulates skin metabolism and pigmentation; the blue light improves acne by eliminating bacteria.

An updated model from the same brand- Belulu Premium- comes with one extra feature—electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), muscles are stimulated by electrical current and become strengthened and toned, allegedly eases sagging and swelling of face.

 What are the claimed benefits?

Deep cleansing of the skin and increase in the skincare product efficacy. Anti-ageing effects including the ease of wrinkles and sagging. Reducing pore size, correcting pigmentation and treating acne.


4. Ya-man Platinum White RF (290 USD or 30,651 yen on Rakuten)


Ya-man Platinum White RF

Ya-man Platinum White RF

In addition to the technologies shared with the previous devices (iontophoresis and EMS), the featured function of this anti-ageing instrument is radio frequency (RF)— heating the skin (caused by friction of tissue) more evenly, deeply, broadly, quickly and longer.

 What are the claimed benefits?

There are four treatment modes: cleansing mode with RF and iontophoresis; moisturizing mode with RF and ion emission to increase active penetration; cooling mode to decrease pore size; EMS to tighten up the skin.




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