After learning about Perfumist, a mobile application enabling you to find the fragrance you like based on your favorite note. I was curious to see whether some niche brands would take a similar approach. This is how I came across Sillages Paris.

Fragrance with a big F

Maxime Garcia Janin - Founder of Sillages Paris

Maxime Garcia Janin – Founder of Sillages Paris

Founded by Maxime Garcia Janin in 2016, Sillages Paris is definitely a brand to follow. A good balance between fun and excellence. With its disruptive approach, Sillages Paris breaks the codes of Haute Parfumerie.

“Sillages Paris is the first online & customisable Haute Parfumerie brand, made by and for millennials”. With the help of its team of talented perfumers and its top notch algorithm, you can create your fragrance in no time.

Sillages Paris perfumers

Sillages Paris perfumers – From left to right Mylene Alran, Alex Lee, Amélie Jacquin & Sébastien Plan

DIY Fragrance: How does it work?

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They could have used some convoluted ways to walk you through the creation of your fragrance (personality traits, favorite color…) which to me are difficult to associate to a particular scent and might depend on your mood. Instead, they went for an easy and straight to the point process.

You start with some questions regarding your project (who is it for? What intensity?). Once you are done with the questions, it’s time to create. Depending on the answers you gave to the preliminary questions, you may have access to more or less notes. Despite the broad range of notes available, you cannot exactly create everything you want. I tried to trick the algorithm to see whether I could end up with other fragrances but it is not possible. All the Sillages Paris fragrances are already created, all the decisions you make will narrow down the number of notes you can choose from. Ultimately you will end up with a specific fragrance.

The fact that you can get fully reimbursed if you don’t like the fragrance you bought is definitely encouraging you to try. In addition to your fragrance you get a sample of three fragrances including yours. You try the sample first. If you like it you keep everything. If not you send the fragrance back.

All together it was fun. I got number 13. In addition to the olfactive description and storytelling, you get to see who’s perfumer designed the fragrance you selected and what was the creative process behind it. I found it captivating. Although the interpretation you have of a scent is quite subjective, I could identify myself to some of the thing she said. The customer service was great. They kept me inform every step of the way. I received my perfume and a handwritten card signed by Maxime Janin himself. I really appreciated it.

For the 2.0 version, it would be great if we could see the full collection. Regarding the creative process, I think it is important to know where you are heading to. With my experience I could tell if it was going to be a woody, oriental or floral fragrance. But it might not be the case for other customers. We could have in a corner some kind of graph telling you what fragrance you are making as you are selecting the note. So that if you are not interested with the path you are on, you could change it.

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