Each year a plethora of fragrances are released on the market. Stuck in the middle,  the consumer is confused and would like to see more clearly. The consumer needs personalized support when looking for his/her next perfume. The game has changed, the digital has tremendously changed the way we do our shopping. Consumers are hyper-connected and use their smartphone extensively whilst shopping.

Retailers and brands leverage more and more digital tools in order to create a tailored-made experience for their consumers. From Sephora to Tom Ford Beauty, consumers familiarized themselves with mobile Apps,  virtual reality, interactive terminals, mural tablets or digital shelves.


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A lot has been done to make the purchasing act more convenient yet choosing the right fragrance remains difficult.

Why do we buy fragrances?

Why picking one over another?

With his model  called  “The Golden circle”  , Simon Sinek explains how important it is to figure out why consumers want something and nothing else.

Simon Sinek - The Golden Circle

Simon Sinek – The Golden Circle (Copyright Simon Sinek)

Retailers through their web sites, Apps and information available in their stores try to answer these questions on a daily basis. In order to capture the consumer’s attention and get his full involvement, it is essential to focus on the “why”. This question appeals to the real consumer insight. Brands and retailers have very little time to convince, so they have to address this aspect. It will enable them to differentiate themselves from their competitors and facilitate decision-making for the consumer.

Sephora - Men fragrances featuring fragrance filters

Sephora – Men fragrances (copyright Sephora)

With its filters “fragrance family” and “fragrance type”, Sephora sheds some lights on what really matters for a consumers looking for a scent. If the olfactive descriptions can be evocative for the most experts of us, going to the store to smell the perfume remains essential.


Click your way to your dream fragrance with Perfumist mobile application.


Frédérick Besson - Founder of Perfumist

Frédérick Besson – Founder of Perfumist

Incubated in July 2017 at InnovaGrasse and founded by Frédérick Besson, Perfumist  is the only available tool that uses AI to generate its results directly from the notes and ingredients of your pre-selected preferred perfume. The App is translated into twenty languages ​​and now has a community of more than 20,000 users worldwide (Le Journal des Entreprises).

Download the App here.



Learn the basics


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With his application Frédérick Besson walk you through the  mysterious world of fragrances. Once you covered the tutorial you are ready to go.

Perfumist in a nutshell


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10 000 + Perfumes for you to choose from

You can go the old-fashioned way and look for a brand and browse its portfolio until you find something you like OR you can use the “notes” feature and see all the fragrances containing the note you love. For each fragrance, Perfumist gives you all the information for  you to make the right decision. You can read the description or have a look at the recommendations the App made for you. Although it could be financially advantageous for Perfumist to do so, these suggestions are not sponsored by brands. These are the closest one in term of scent.

Each week Perfumist keep you updated with the latest fragrance releases so that you wont miss anything.

Perfumist 2.0 what we would like to see

Frédéric Besson is quite ambitious, the next version of Perfumist should features things like voice and photo recognition.

After using the App for a couple of days, I believe that some of the features already available could be improved.

  • Notes: If you start your search with a note, it would be better if we could pick more than one.  The App doesn’t allow you to filter search results based on fragrance notes. What if we could favorite 1 to 3 notes and get updated every time new fragrances contain them.
  • Notes + favorites = Olfactive diagnostic: Every time you smell a fragrance you like, you favorite it on you App but that is all you can do. This could be exploit by the App to draw your fragrance profile. This is pretty much what Nose does. If you go to their store in Paris, you can do an olfactive diagnostic (read more about it here).
  • Reviews + favorites = Build a community: Perfumist has 20 000 users worldwide. It is time to leverage the power of the community. It could look like what Sephora has done with its “Beauty Insider Community” (read more about it here). Give the power back to the consumers. Let them interact with each other. Alongside the recommendations you see for every perfume you clicked on, you could have some profiles of people who liked the same fragrance and seek advice from like-minded people or browse their profile for inspiration.

Finding the “perfect” fragrance(s) for yourself is a long journey, each trial getting you closer to the One. Perfumist is definitely a must-have.




*featured image – copyright Perfumist


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