Sephora is always one step ahead in the game.

Most of the key beauty retailers implemented digital tools in their online strategy enabling them to create an in-store experience for their consumers and visitors.

According to Michele Scannavini, former CEO of Coty, brands and retailers can no longer rely on developing/selling  products people want to buy. The big challenge nowadays is to create content consumers want to share. 2/3 of millennials are skeptical regarding big corporations. Therefore it is essential for brands and retailers to find a way to reconnect with their consumers.

Consumers don’t want to talk to bots, they want to talk to people who look like them , inspiring people, real people. They want answers and they want them now. Sephora clearly understood it and recently launched its new platform Beauty Insider.


5 reasons to join the Beauty Insider Community


Just a few click and you are in. This first step is quite engaging. Every information you enter will enable to find the product that are tailored-made for you. For Sephora it is a great opportunity to draw a clear picture of who you are and address your every need whilst showing you content that truly matter to you.


  1. Personal Advice

Tired of browsing through hundreds of products , reading reviews not being sure if the people share the your beauty traits or needs. Well now you can, this feature allow you to sort product reviews based on your skin tone, skin type, hair color … No more bad surprises.


      2. Chat



But it doesn’t end here. Let’s say you saw a review but you want to know more. You can simply start chatting with the consumer who wrote it. Not only you can start a discussion you can also have a look at her profile to see how similar your profiles are.


Every time you help someone you earn points. As you get more and more involved in the community, you become to be noticed by others. Who knows you could be the next influencer brands are asking for collaborations. Obviously if you give bad advice you will be dealt with accordingly.

     3. Get inspired


This is probably the next best feature. Here you an see how other girls achieve their look thanks to tutorial videos,pictures featuring the products used. You can also join groups based on your beauty traits or interests.

     4. Events


The platform offers opportunity each month for their consumers to enter challenges like The Fall Look #Sweepstakes, live chats with their favorites brands…    

        5. A great source of insights for brands and retailers

Now if we look at it from a brand point of view, this is a goldmine of information that one could leverage to their advantage. This could be a great source of insights brands can tap into. Brands can see first hand how their products are doing  and who are their consumers. They can identify new trends and influencers that could promote their brand.


One thing for sure I see a great platform for brands that are willing to take a step closer to their consumers. In the next version I can clearly professional brand profiles being created, a new channel to exploit in order to create bespoke customer experience.



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