Last month Shiseido released its new skincare line WASO. WASO is the combination of  “WA” (sense of peaceful, harmony) and “SO” (inspiration, idea and thought).

It’s time to challenge the status quo. Drawing on its Japanese heritage, Shiseido is redefining beauty. No more gender, age, etc.. but a range for everyone.

To celebrate the new approach to beauty, WASO features five unique faces who are the brand’s ambassadors; their unique personalities and positions bring WASO’s counter-culture to life and change the perception of what’s pretty.


Julian Klincewicz – Source Highsnobiety

Shiseido picked Julian Klincewicz, whose art consistency challenges creative boundaries, to bring WASO’s vision to life. At only 21 years old , the multi-talented Klincewicz  filmed the YEEZY Season 3 presentation in Madison Square Gardens, he shot video for Gosha Rubchinskiy, Eckhaus Latta, New York band Haerts, and he recently hosted his second exhibition in Tokyo (Highsnobiety). In short, the perfect choice to embody the voice of millenials.

Viviane Sassen  shot the campaign for WASO

HyperFocal: 0

Shiseido has designed a unique method for formulating whole botanical cells into the WASO range, to deliver a total skincare solution, called Whole Cell Release System W. (for moisturizers). Designed to treat the needs of Millennial skin, the product range resolves skincare concerns like dryness, oiliness and visible pores.

With Japanese ingredients as key ingredients across the range, WASO products contain:
Ninjin (carrot) – the moisturizers infused with the power of carrots nourishes skin, and keeps it feeling soft and plump.
Biwa no ha (loquat leaf) – the moisturizers infused with the power of loquat leaves, hydrate and mattify skin so it has less visible pores and suppresses shine.
Tofu – the skin smoother infused with the power of soy lecithin, refreshes skin so you can feel its smoothness immediately.
Shiro-Kikurage (white jelly mushroom) – the lotion infused with the power of white jelly mushroom delivers hydration to plump skin from within*. *epidermis
Hachimitsu (honey) – the cleanser infused with the power of honey removes impurities and refreshes skin, without stripping away essential moisture.


Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream (38$)

A specially-formulated, intensely hydrating clear cream with whole carrot cells.
Immediately plumps, softens and nourishes your skin throughout the entire day.




Quick Matte Moisturizer Oil-free (38$)

An instantly mattifying, oil-balancing, clear gel emulsion with whole loquat leaf cells. Leaves your skin feeling smooth, hydrated and less shiny.


Color-smart Day Moisturizer (38$)

A skin-brightening day moisturizer with whole carrot cells. Adeptly changes color to enhance your skin tone, for long lasting hydration and healthy-looking glow. SPF30.


Color-smart Day Moisturizer oil-free (38$)

A skin-brightening, day moisturizer with whole loquat leaf cells. Adeptly changes color to enhance your skin tone, for a matte, healthy-looking glow. SPF30.



Soft + Cushy Polisher (32$)

A skin-refining exfoliating polish. The tofu-like gentle texture clears complexion and leaves your skin silky and smooth.


Quick Gentle Cleanser (28$)

A heavenly refreshing cleanser with honey and royal jelly from bees.
The honey-like gel foams without water to remove makeup and impurities, without stripping essential moisture.



Fresh Jelly Lotion (30$)

An epic hydrating lotion with ingredient derived from white jelly mushrooms. The jelly-like texture transforms into lotion on your skin, plumping from within.

4 Comments on “WASO the new skincare line for millenials by Shiseido

  1. I’m so intrigued with the Quick Gentle Cleanser. I imagine it would be like washing my face with honey 😳


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