In 2013,  David Gross and Andy Howell (personalization and technology experts) founded MATCHCo, a U.S.-based startup that enable customers to scan their unique skin tones through MATCHCO’s mobile application in order to create customized foundation perfectly matching their skin tone(your name and date it was made printed on the bottle).

The foundation  contains beneficial anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients like peptides, Green tea extracts & Vitamin E, as well as skin-conditioning and hydrating ingredients such as ceramides, Bisabolol (Chamomile flower) and Lilum candidum flower extract (White Lily flower).

Shiseido expansion

A part of its Vision 2020, Shiseido acquired MATCHCo in order to strengthen its positon on the market and jump on board with the cosmetic customization trend. Capitalizing on MATCHCo expertise, Shiseido will provide its consumers with digital technologies enabling them to analyse their skin and obtain customized cosmetics products.  Shiseido expects to improve its consumer marketing by gathering insights through direct contact.



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