Thousand of perfumes are released each year, did you really pick your dream fragrance ?

According to a survey done in 2015 by the Fragrance Foundation, you did and you didn’t. Finding The One is not a thing for most of the consumers, 90% of French consumers use several fragrances. Depending on their mood or the seasons they will use one or another. If you look at extreme cases like myself, it’s like having your own Sephora at home.

The big question is how do we pick fragrances ?

 The Fragrance Foundation found out some of the key motivations behind our purchase.  Brands spend millions of euros in advertising but at the end of the day, it all comes down to how we feel when we smell the fragrance.

  • You want to feel good and your fragrance is doing the trick.
  • You want to feel unique and your fragrance is the embodiment of who you are.
  • That one spray boosts your femininity or masculinity.We can look at it from a seduction point of view or just consider its impact on your charisma.

How many of us could describe their dream fragrance? Can you describe the fragrance you love with words a retailer could understand? How well would you describe it?

Consumers are becoming  expert in fragrances. However perfumes are way more complex than you would imagine. Sometimes you may find yourself speechless, putting word on emotions is difficult.

What if I told you olfactive diagnosis existed !

You have probably seen on retailers websites different approaches to address the “How can I help you?”


Sephora – Advice  (US web site)


Sephora French web site

It can be through forum with fellow consumers (see above) or simple diagnosis done in the store or via a mobile application. Sephora tried to come up with some kind of diagnosis for fragrance consumers, so did Marionnaud in 2012 with its “ScentLab”.


Marionnaud “ScentLab”


For this project, Marionnaud collaborated with Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent and Lancôme. This touch screen displayed personality questions and depending on their answers a profile was drawn and fragrance suggestions were made to the consumers. Once again the big challenge was to match personality traits to fragrances. Depending on your mood you might end up with completely different results.

The Nose Method

Nose is a concept-store located in Paris (20 rue bachaumont 75002) and founded by Nicolas Cloutier (Président and Co-Founder), Romano Ricci (Founder of Juliette Has a Gun), Mark Buxton (Perfumer who collaborated with LVMH, L’Oréal, Coty…), Silvio Levi (Founder of Calé Fragranze d’Autore), Antoine Calmus (the brain behind the diagnosis algorithm), Claire Delahaye de Villers and Didier Negiar.

Nose’s Vision: Focusing on the consumers and helping them finding their dream fragrance.

Nose, it’s 45 Niche perfume, cosmetics and home fragrance brands, 500 references, 1 olfactive diagnosis, 1 passion for fragrances.

  • Enter 3 fragrances you love (it doesn’t matter if you are not wearing them at the moment)
  • Your diagnosis: Tells you your preferred notes and olfactive families.
  • Your recommandations: 5 fragrances are suggested (Niche fragrance and Home Fragrance). You can buy a set of sample for 15€.
  • Evaluation: You evaluate each individual sample and score how much you dis/liked them. Your evaluation is taken into account. If you found your dream fragrance then you can buy the full bottle at a discounted price. If it is not the case you will have 5 new recommendations to evaluate.

I tried it and I loved it. Whenever you enter Sephora, Nocibe, Marionnaud … you find yourself overwhelmed by all the fragrances available and you probably stick to some big names. With this diagnosis I discovered niche brands I never heard about and I had this amazing opportunity to smell some captivating and unique scents. I didn’t find my dream fragrance yet but I am getting really close. The olfactive portrait gives great insights on what notes I like and I totally agree with it.

Let me know in the comment section what is your favorite(s) fragrance (s).

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  1. Ooh need to go and try this! It’d mean so much if you checked out my posts too x


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