A journey, a meeting, an ascent

As she was an International Training Manager for Makeup and Skin Care at Guerlain, a scent changed her destiny forever. Sylvaine Delacourte remembers the delicate and captivating sillage of L’Heure Bleue she smelled that day. This Guerlain’s classic became her signature fragrance and took her on a journey to a world scents and emotions.

Her passion and expertise of Guerlain quickly caught the attention of Jean-Paul Guerlain. The two will collaborate for a time and later on she became the Art Director at Guerlain. “The senses awake, her curiosity sharpened by travels, encounters, experiences, Sylvaine cultivates an intuition that she knows how to transform into certainty then success (L’Instant, Insolence, the collections Aqua Allegoria and L’Art et la Matière)” – says Marie-Sybille Gambert.

Fueled by a strong desire to create her own universe and to stand on her own feet, she decided to launch her own brand Sylvaine Delacourte Paris.

Her Philosophy

Sylvaine Delacourte fell in love with fragrances. Whilst collaborating with Jean-Paul Guerlain she learned about the fragrance ingredients and how to combine them as well as the level of exigence required to create exceptional fragrances.

Sylvaine wants to share emotion, memories and her passion for perfume. She wants to convey the fascinating art of creation and her olfactive curiosity.

5 Fragrances, 5 portraits, 5 interpretations of Musk


Through « La collection Muscs », Sylvaine explores 5 different interpretations of Musk. Each scent is composed of a blend of musks. Two perfumers collaborated with Sylvaine: Anne-Louise Gautier for Dovana and Irene Farmachidi for the other four scents. Sylvaine doesn’t like aggressive notes, her collection is made of long-lasting fragrances with elegant sillage.

Sylvaine has chosen to store her creation in an elegant bottle, nestled beautifully in a metallic copper rose box. The fragrances are available in 100ml (135€).


The softness of a petal as light as a floating bubble.



A powdery and velvety tenderness.



The generous caress of sun on our skin.



The gentle freshness of a bouquet of leaves.



A warm breeze from the South.


A bespoke experience

Whilst many niche brands are being created each year, it is quite challenging for new comers to differentiate themselves.

Sylvaine Delacourte Paris collection is only available on her web site.  In order to introduce people to her collection, she designed « L’Expérience Découverte (Discovery Experience) » which offers to her potential consumers a fully immersive experience in the universe of each of her creations. For only 4 euros you have a 1.7 ml sample of each perfume. Sylvaine teaches about raw materials and customers can interact directly with her.

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