golden-handGold always fascinated us and served many purposes throughout history. Some attributed magical properties to it and nowadays gold is considered as a revolutionary cosmetic ingredient. Cosmetic brands incorporating gold in their products are quick to mention Cleopatra’s beauty routine or the use of gold in rheumatoid arthritis treatment as an evidence of the amazing properties of gold. However the dermatologist community is divided on the real impact of gold in cosmetics and its potential toxicity.

Gold in skin care products can be found flaked or liquefied (in moisturizers, eye creams lip balm, facial…), but fairly recently cosmetics brands have been using golden nanoparticles for their yet to be proven benefits.


1. Reduces wrinkles and spots

The golden nanoparticles activate the basal cells of the skin and boost their elasticity, the wrinkles are reduced, and every skin marks will disappear. You will look definitely younger.

2. Stimulates the skin cells:

The golden ions stimulate the cells, veins and nerves improving your blood circulation and metabolism of your skin cells. The skin cells will secrete more waste and your skin will look healthier.

3. Anti-aging:

Gold reduces the dryness of the skin preventing premature aging.

4. Lightens the Complexion:

Rumour has it Cleopatra was using gold mask as part of her beauty routine to keep her skin beautiful, glowing and youthful.

5. Slows down collagen depletion:

Collagen is responsible for your skin elasticity, smoothness and flexibility. However as we grow old we produce less and less collagen. Gold can slow down the depletion of collagen in your skin cells.

6. Your new ally against the sun damages:

Gold reduces the production of melanin. The impact of sun exposition is reduced.

7. Treats allergies:

Thanks to its antioxidant properties, gold helps to reduce acne or other skin allergies whilst improving blood circulation.

8. Reduces inflammation:

Gold’s anti-bacterial and anti- inflammation properties helps oxygen to penetrate the skin and fosters cells renewal. It will leave your skin rejuvenated.

9. Improve skin elasticity:

Gold can breakdown elasticity and restore your skin elasticity.

10. Glowing Skin:

Gold helps in improving the blood circulation, hence it helps hydrate and maintain the skin’s moisture level. The small particles of gold get absorbed into the skin imparting a rich glow. This makes the skin healthy, fresh and radiant.


Tatsiana Mironava, PhD,* from Stony Brook University, who found that size (45 nm are more toxic than the smaller nanoparticles of 13 nm), concentration and duration of application plays an important part in the toxicity of the material, with the wrong choice leading to a disruption of cell movement, cell replication and collagen contraction. In addition, at the wrong concentration, the gold nanoparticles inhibited the ability of pre-adipocytes to differentiate into mature adipocytes (adipogenesis). […] It is clear, however, that the decreased cell migration and decreased ability to contract collagen impact skin healing. “If your skin is wounded, collagen fibers in pre-adipocytes must contract or pull the wound closed. Therefore, wound healing is suppressed with toxic levels of the gold nanoparticles.”

It is fair to assume that impacting skin healing could have the opposite effect than the one expected and could foster wrinkles formation and skin aging. More studies need to be done in order to fully assess the dangers and benefits of golden nanoparticles.

Reversible Effect and Future

“The important thing to note, according to Mironava, is that the effects of the gold nanoparticles are reversible at certain concentrations.”

Down bellow a list of some of the products using Gold:

Kinka 24K Gold Mask -Kinka Japan – 39.74€

1. Kinka 24K Gold Mask

One of the best ways to use gold to keep skin tight, firm and youthful, is as a facial mask, which puts a sheet of flat thin gold on your face to provide golden skin. These gold facial masks are made with genuine 24-karat gold leaf, leaving your skin moisturized and elasticized. More importantly, while you wear one, you get to feel like a burnished deity!

24k Eye Serum – L’Core Paris – 401€


Created by nature perfected by human L’core cosmetics combines Nanotechnology with the best conductors such as diamonds and 24 k gold to bring your skin to perfection. L’core cosmetics are a breakthrough in the skincare industry that offers a natural selection and a non- surgical solution to face lifts, eye-lifts and skin rejuvenation. Eliminates the needs for going under the knife or injections, with all natural certified organic ingredients.

24K GOLD BODY OIL SHIMMER – Luxury Gold Cosmetics – 39.9€

Gold shimmer dry oil

Illumination is a unique glittering dry, oil with a mild fragrance. Upon application, a subtile veil of Gold adorns your body in a luxurious embrace of refined gold particles. An extravagant touch on the skin or shine to the hair.

For more products click here

Karim Bangoura

Karim Bangoura
Digital marketing executive with 4 years of work experience within world leading fragrance houses.

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