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Nail Revolution lets you customize the colour of your nail polish


If you ever dreamed about matching your nail polish colour with your dress, now it is possible. Capitalizing on  the savoir-faire of the Swiss company ColorixProvaine offers to its consumers the possibility to customize the colour of their nail polish.

Nail Revolution uses Colorcatch (colorimeter), this sensor scans the surface to copy and identify up to 5 major colour components.
In order to do so the sensor analyses around 50 000 pixels separately. Once done, the customer can pick what level of each major components she wants for her nail polish. The nail polish is prepared in 3 min. Nail Revolution is able to create up 1600 colours.

Nail Revolution should be released early 2017. One nail polish should cost around 20€.

One step at the time DIY is becoming more and more trendy. It would be interesting to see whether this Nail Revolution could find its alter ego in other colour cosmetics products.


Karim Bangoura

Karim Bangoura
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