Last estimation shows around 2 billion for smartphone users in the world and should reach 2.16 billion in 2016. Fragrances and cosmetics retailers needs to take this into account when building their strategy . They need to think mobile first in order to provide the best shopping experience to their hyper connected consumers.  With an average of 50% of their consumers using their smartphone whilst shopping, point of sales need to be redesigned and integrate digital tools enabling retailers to assist their customers at every stage of their customer journey.

Among the digital tools available on the market, iBeacons offer a broad range of services that would be mutually beneficial to both retailers and customers. iBeacon’s operation distance is around 50m.  For now only new smartphones can support iBeacon. Once connected to smarphones via bluetooth, retailers will be able to:

  • Guide visitors :  Using push notifications, visitors located within 50m from the store are invited to come in the store. Depending on how far they are from the store, an itinerary can be provided to them. Once inside the store, another itinerary will help them to find where their product of interest is.
  • Identify zones of interest or evaluate the effect of a campaign: All smartphones connected to iBeacons can be tracked. Thanks to the iBeacons the retailers can identify what part of the store attract more people and for every smartphone a map of interest can be done.

iBeacons mapping beauty experience

  • Welcoming visitors: Sending a personalized message or offer  to a visitor as he/she is coming in the store. This can be used to address the needs of a loyal customer. Depending on the quality of the information we have on the customer, the message will enable to convert this visitors into a shopper. This type a message to customers gives a feeling of being treated like someone special and not any customers.
  • Targeted discount: If we notice that a customer spends quite a long time in front of shelf, offering him/her an immediate/ limited  discount could be the extra push the customer needed to purchase the product.
  •  Geo-localized discount: Informing any visitors in the vicinity about a discount.
  • Marketing Campaign : Creating a game using the unlimited possibilities iBeacons can offer (Treasure Hunt).


Karim Bangoura

Karim Bangoura
Digital marketing executive with 4 years of work experience within world leading fragrance houses.

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