Why Instagram’s like ban could be a blessing in disguise.

Earlier this year Instagram announced it would be “getting rid of likes”. Coming from a platform built on engagement, this new policy was unexpected. The objective is to turn the social network into a safer place for people to create content without feeling pressured by how many likes they get. Introduced first in Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Ireland, Italy and Brazil will follow.

Did they just build a giant wall preventing small brands and influencers to be seen by the rest of us?

Although the big accounts might be affected by this ban, this is nothing in comparison to what small accounts will experience. At first I thought this ban would be useless just as long we could see how many followers people have or how many comments they receive on their post. If you are a young and impressionable new comer, chances are you may compare yourself to some influencers or brands you admire and dream about that day you will make it big.

At the moment we cannot tell for sure where we are heading to and what would be the outcome of this test but if it means bringing more value to the community then it is the right solution.

From vanity metrics to opportunities for its users.

A lot of people are trying to evaluate the impact on influencer marketing. I believe this ban could be a blessing in disguise. This could lead to higher quality posts. We can expect influencers and brands leveraging more and more best in class stories and Instagram lives which in the long run could be even more overwhelming for small accounts as they struggle to produce the same level of content with fewer resources.

It is time for Instagram to seize this opportunity and turn the like feature into something more meaningful to its community. Spotify and YouTube have been doing it for ages.

How about using likes to push similar content to the users either from the same account or from other accounts?

This would spark discussions and create more engagement. People would then see content they like on their feed alongside what the people they follow post. Maybe once in a while Instagram would push content different from what they are used to follow just to broaden their horizon.

I believe that some of the pressure these young people experience might be coming from that short period of time we all have to generate enough engagement to reach a maximum of people and get as many likes as possible to go viral. If we could see content based on what we like and / or when it was posted, people would feel better posting content they know will be seen eventually by like-minded people and impact their lives in a positive way.


Turn your home into a beauty spa with these bestseller Japanese devices

Japanese beauty market is known as one of the most advanced and innovative market, and Japanese ladies have established their reputation of beauty expertise with the ultra-complicated and sophisticated beauty routines. Now their daily skincare ritual is not just about the bottles and jars on the dressing tables. With the booming of beauty devices on the market, Japanese ladies literally turn their homes into a beauty spa!

Let’s take a look at the top sellers in one of the most important retailer in Japan— Rakuten 


  1. ReFa CARAT massager (250 USD or 25,704 yen on Rakuten)

ReFa CARAT massager

ReFa CARAT massager

This platinum-coated massager claims to replicate a professional aesthetician’s massage action, with mild microcurrent powered by a solar panel. You could use it dry or wet, on both your face and your body. This model is the most sold one of the collection, however there are other massagers designed for different areas of the face/body, such as S Carat for eye and lip contour, Body for hip, waist and thighs.

 What are the claimed benefits?

Massages could enhance blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, thus encourage the metabolism of skin. Some users give feedbacks of having their faces look smaller and their jawlines lifted.


  1. Areti Clarity: Wrinkle (L) / (S) (23.5 USD or 2,484 yen on Rakuten)

Areti Clarity: Wrinkle (L) / (S)

Areti Clarity: Wrinkle (L) / (S)

The device allegedly emits ions to remove impurities from the skin and to enhance the penetration of active ingredients of the skincare products through iontophoresis. However you need to use gel-type products so the actives could be ionised. It vibrates 8,500 times per minute to relax the facial muscle. Clarity: Wrinkle (L) is designed for the whole face while Clarity: Wrinkle (S) is for the eye contour area. The affordable price makes this device popular among young Japanese consumers.

 What are the claimed benefits?

Deep cleansing of the skin and increase in the skincare product efficacy. Massages with vibrations ease the fatigue of muscle and augment skin metabolism.


  1. Belulu Classy multifunctional beauty facial massager (113.4 USD or 11,980 yen on Rakuten)

Belulu Classy multifunctional beauty facial massager

Belulu Classy multi-functional beauty facial massager

This multi-functional beauty device is also equipped with an ion emitter which the manufacturer claims to have deep cleansing benefit and to boost the skin penetration of skin care actives. The ultrasonic vibration feature enhances both actives penetration and skin metabolism. The LED lights includes three different wavelengths and corresponding claims: The red light achieves anti-ageing effect through the stimulation of collagen synthesis; the green light regulates skin metabolism and pigmentation; the blue light improves acne by eliminating bacteria.

An updated model from the same brand- Belulu Premium- comes with one extra feature—electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), muscles are stimulated by electrical current and become strengthened and toned, allegedly eases sagging and swelling of face.

 What are the claimed benefits?

Deep cleansing of the skin and increase in the skincare product efficacy. Anti-ageing effects including the ease of wrinkles and sagging. Reducing pore size, correcting pigmentation and treating acne.


4. Ya-man Platinum White RF (290 USD or 30,651 yen on Rakuten)


Ya-man Platinum White RF

Ya-man Platinum White RF

In addition to the technologies shared with the previous devices (iontophoresis and EMS), the featured function of this anti-ageing instrument is radio frequency (RF)— heating the skin (caused by friction of tissue) more evenly, deeply, broadly, quickly and longer.

 What are the claimed benefits?

There are four treatment modes: cleansing mode with RF and iontophoresis; moisturizing mode with RF and ion emission to increase active penetration; cooling mode to decrease pore size; EMS to tighten up the skin.




+ Sillages Paris

Sillages Paris : Your fragrance designed by and for Millennials.

After learning about Perfumist, a mobile application enabling you to find the fragrance you like based on your favorite note. I was curious to see whether some niche brands would take a similar approach. This is how I came across Sillages Paris.

Fragrance with a big F

Maxime Garcia Janin - Founder of Sillages Paris

Maxime Garcia Janin – Founder of Sillages Paris

Founded by Maxime Garcia Janin in 2016, Sillages Paris is definitely a brand to follow. A good balance between fun and excellence. With its disruptive approach, Sillages Paris breaks the codes of Haute Parfumerie.

“Sillages Paris is the first online & customisable Haute Parfumerie brand, made by and for millennials”. With the help of its team of talented perfumers and its top notch algorithm, you can create your fragrance in no time.

Sillages Paris perfumers

Sillages Paris perfumers – From left to right Mylene Alran, Alex Lee, Amélie Jacquin & Sébastien Plan

DIY Fragrance: How does it work?

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They could have used some convoluted ways to walk you through the creation of your fragrance (personality traits, favorite color…) which to me are difficult to associate to a particular scent and might depend on your mood. Instead, they went for an easy and straight to the point process.

You start with some questions regarding your project (who is it for? What intensity?). Once you are done with the questions, it’s time to create. Depending on the answers you gave to the preliminary questions, you may have access to more or less notes. Despite the broad range of notes available, you cannot exactly create everything you want. I tried to trick the algorithm to see whether I could end up with other fragrances but it is not possible. All the Sillages Paris fragrances are already created, all the decisions you make will narrow down the number of notes you can choose from. Ultimately you will end up with a specific fragrance.

The fact that you can get fully reimbursed if you don’t like the fragrance you bought is definitely encouraging you to try. In addition to your fragrance you get a sample of three fragrances including yours. You try the sample first. If you like it you keep everything. If not you send the fragrance back.

All together it was fun. I got number 13. In addition to the olfactive description and storytelling, you get to see who’s perfumer designed the fragrance you selected and what was the creative process behind it. I found it captivating. Although the interpretation you have of a scent is quite subjective, I could identify myself to some of the thing she said. The customer service was great. They kept me inform every step of the way. I received my perfume and a handwritten card signed by Maxime Janin himself. I really appreciated it.

For the 2.0 version, it would be great if we could see the full collection. Regarding the creative process, I think it is important to know where you are heading to. With my experience I could tell if it was going to be a woody, oriental or floral fragrance. But it might not be the case for other customers. We could have in a corner some kind of graph telling you what fragrance you are making as you are selecting the note. So that if you are not interested with the path you are on, you could change it.

+ Perfumist

Why the Perfumist App might change the way you buy fragrances

Each year a plethora of fragrances are released on the market. Stuck in the middle,  the consumer is confused and would like to see more clearly. The consumer needs personalized support when looking for his/her next perfume. The game has changed, the digital has tremendously changed the way we do our shopping. Consumers are hyper-connected and use their smartphone extensively whilst shopping.

Retailers and brands leverage more and more digital tools in order to create a tailored-made experience for their consumers. From Sephora to Tom Ford Beauty, consumers familiarized themselves with mobile Apps,  virtual reality, interactive terminals, mural tablets or digital shelves.


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A lot has been done to make the purchasing act more convenient yet choosing the right fragrance remains difficult.

Why do we buy fragrances?

Why picking one over another?

With his model  called  “The Golden circle”  , Simon Sinek explains how important it is to figure out why consumers want something and nothing else.

Simon Sinek - The Golden Circle

Simon Sinek – The Golden Circle (Copyright Simon Sinek)

Retailers through their web sites, Apps and information available in their stores try to answer these questions on a daily basis. In order to capture the consumer’s attention and get his full involvement, it is essential to focus on the “why”. This question appeals to the real consumer insight. Brands and retailers have very little time to convince, so they have to address this aspect. It will enable them to differentiate themselves from their competitors and facilitate decision-making for the consumer.

Sephora - Men fragrances featuring fragrance filters

Sephora – Men fragrances (copyright Sephora)

With its filters “fragrance family” and “fragrance type”, Sephora sheds some lights on what really matters for a consumers looking for a scent. If the olfactive descriptions can be evocative for the most experts of us, going to the store to smell the perfume remains essential.


Click your way to your dream fragrance with Perfumist mobile application.


Frédérick Besson - Founder of Perfumist

Frédérick Besson – Founder of Perfumist

Incubated in July 2017 at InnovaGrasse and founded by Frédérick Besson, Perfumist  is the only available tool that uses AI to generate its results directly from the notes and ingredients of your pre-selected preferred perfume. The App is translated into twenty languages ​​and now has a community of more than 20,000 users worldwide (Le Journal des Entreprises).

Download the App here.



Learn the basics


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With his application Frédérick Besson walk you through the  mysterious world of fragrances. Once you covered the tutorial you are ready to go.

Perfumist in a nutshell


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10 000 + Perfumes for you to choose from

You can go the old-fashioned way and look for a brand and browse its portfolio until you find something you like OR you can use the “notes” feature and see all the fragrances containing the note you love. For each fragrance, Perfumist gives you all the information for  you to make the right decision. You can read the description or have a look at the recommendations the App made for you. Although it could be financially advantageous for Perfumist to do so, these suggestions are not sponsored by brands. These are the closest one in term of scent.

Each week Perfumist keep you updated with the latest fragrance releases so that you wont miss anything.

Perfumist 2.0 what we would like to see

Frédéric Besson is quite ambitious, the next version of Perfumist should features things like voice and photo recognition.

After using the App for a couple of days, I believe that some of the features already available could be improved.

  • Notes: If you start your search with a note, it would be better if we could pick more than one.  The App doesn’t allow you to filter search results based on fragrance notes. What if we could favorite 1 to 3 notes and get updated every time new fragrances contain them.
  • Notes + favorites = Olfactive diagnostic: Every time you smell a fragrance you like, you favorite it on you App but that is all you can do. This could be exploit by the App to draw your fragrance profile. This is pretty much what Nose does. If you go to their store in Paris, you can do an olfactive diagnostic (read more about it here).
  • Reviews + favorites = Build a community: Perfumist has 20 000 users worldwide. It is time to leverage the power of the community. It could look like what Sephora has done with its “Beauty Insider Community” (read more about it here). Give the power back to the consumers. Let them interact with each other. Alongside the recommendations you see for every perfume you clicked on, you could have some profiles of people who liked the same fragrance and seek advice from like-minded people or browse their profile for inspiration.

Finding the “perfect” fragrance(s) for yourself is a long journey, each trial getting you closer to the One. Perfumist is definitely a must-have.




*featured image – copyright Perfumist



Essential Energy: The neuroscience inspired skincare range by Shiseido

A couple of months ago, Shiseido released WASO, a skincare range celebrating a new approach to beauty and designed to treat the need of Millenials skin.

Shiseido’s new range “Essential Energy” will be launch globally starting January 2018.
The new range features 4 products: Moisturizing Cream 50ml, Moisturizing Gel Cream 50ml, Day Emulsion 75ml SPF30 PA+++ (Only available in Asia) and a Day Cream 50ml SPF20 (Only available in Europe, Middle East & Africa and Americas).

Essential Energy addresses a growing concern among women in their 30’s that their skin is becoming increasingly desensitized to skincare. It combines the power of science and nature:

  • ReNeura Technology™ activates the power of touch to awaken unresponsive skin and to boost the effectiveness of skincare products.
  • Ashitaba helps preserve and sustain the energy required for efficient sensory transmission.

How does it work?

The formulation heart is an Active Response Powder made of malleable spheres. These spheres will detect any skin damages and help the skin to acknowledge them.  Working in synergy, the Ashitaba fosters this sensory transmission. ReNeura Technology™ helps forge inner connections that improve skin’s ability to employ the power of skincare, bringing out lasting beauty.

 Shiseido “Essential Energy” products contain:

  • Assam Tea Extract and Pearl Extract to inhibit double carbonylation of the stratum corneum and the dermal proteins.
    • Benefits: Protects the outermost layer of the skin from oxidative stress, oxidative stress leads to skin aging and hyperpigmentation.
  • Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract to suppress oxidation of lipids.
    • Benefit: Reinforces skin barrier.
  •  Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract to promote the production of epidermal hyaluronic acid.
    • Benefits: Preserves moisture, resulting in the visible loss of firmness, pliability, and plumpness. Revitalizes skin’s outer layers so they look and feel softer, smoother, and, glowingly hydrated to instantly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Tom Ford opens its first standalone beauty store in London



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Located in the in Covent Garden neighborhood,  at 3 The Market Building, Tom Ford Beauty first-ever standalone boutique offers exclusive Tom Ford beauty services.

With its sleek design and state of the art digital tools, the store offers an immersive experience to its guests. Each category of products (color, fragrance and make-up) has its dedicated room.

Close your eyes, trust your senses and let the iconic fragrances transport you to the Scent Laboratory.  With its  dramming bar you can discover the Private Blend Collection or book in  for a scent styling session.

The store is equipped with mirrors featuring augmented reality allowing guests to virtually try different lipstick shades. These mirrors can also record the makeup consultation you had with a make-up artist. The video is later on sent to you so that you can recreate the look once you are back home.





5 reasons to join the Beauty Insider community of Sephora

Sephora is always one step ahead in the game.

Most of the key beauty retailers implemented digital tools in their online strategy enabling them to create an in-store experience for their consumers and visitors.

According to Michele Scannavini, former CEO of Coty, brands and retailers can no longer rely on developing/selling  products people want to buy. The big challenge nowadays is to create content consumers want to share. 2/3 of millennials are skeptical regarding big corporations. Therefore it is essential for brands and retailers to find a way to reconnect with their consumers.

Consumers don’t want to talk to bots, they want to talk to people who look like them , inspiring people, real people. They want answers and they want them now. Sephora clearly understood it and recently launched its new platform Beauty Insider.


5 reasons to join the Beauty Insider Community


Just a few click and you are in. This first step is quite engaging. Every information you enter will enable to find the product that are tailored-made for you. For Sephora it is a great opportunity to draw a clear picture of who you are and address your every need whilst showing you content that truly matter to you.


  1. Personal Advice

Tired of browsing through hundreds of products , reading reviews not being sure if the people share the your beauty traits or needs. Well now you can, this feature allow you to sort product reviews based on your skin tone, skin type, hair color … No more bad surprises.


      2. Chat



But it doesn’t end here. Let’s say you saw a review but you want to know more. You can simply start chatting with the consumer who wrote it. Not only you can start a discussion you can also have a look at her profile to see how similar your profiles are.


Every time you help someone you earn points. As you get more and more involved in the community, you become to be noticed by others. Who knows you could be the next influencer brands are asking for collaborations. Obviously if you give bad advice you will be dealt with accordingly.

     3. Get inspired


This is probably the next best feature. Here you an see how other girls achieve their look thanks to tutorial videos,pictures featuring the products used. You can also join groups based on your beauty traits or interests.

     4. Events


The platform offers opportunity each month for their consumers to enter challenges like The Fall Look #Sweepstakes, live chats with their favorites brands…    

        5. A great source of insights for brands and retailers

Now if we look at it from a brand point of view, this is a goldmine of information that one could leverage to their advantage. This could be a great source of insights brands can tap into. Brands can see first hand how their products are doing  and who are their consumers. They can identify new trends and influencers that could promote their brand.


One thing for sure I see a great platform for brands that are willing to take a step closer to their consumers. In the next version I can clearly professional brand profiles being created, a new channel to exploit in order to create bespoke customer experience.




Why taking selfies is bad for your skin

When ever you go outside your skin is attacked by UV or pollutants generating free radicals (super reactive molecules). These free radicals react with anything coming their way (melanin, collagen, elastin… ) and the results is quite bad:

  • Hyperpigmention
  • Premature skin aging

So far so good.

Brands have been working on this problem for quite some times and came up with efficient skin care products with high SPF, high concentration in antioxidant, etc.. to counteract the effect of UV and pollution on the skin.


High Energy Visible (HEV) light coming from your laptop or smartphone has been shown to generate the same amount of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the skin as those produced by UVA and UVB combined. The more you expose your face to your smartphone the faster your skin will age or show pigmentary irregularities.

Here are some nice skin care products for you to try out:



Ma VAP’ Bien Aimée
Vaporisation de beauté 4 en 1 (2.5€, 40ml)


It will protects the skin from UVA/B and HEV.


SUPREME DAY CREAM (£145, 50ml)


Helps to shield skin against High Energy Visible light (HEV/daylight), UV and pollution. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Repairs, nourishes and hydrates the skin. Revives the complexion.


UV Expert XL Shield CC COVER SPF 50 PA+++ (69$, 50ml)


Protect from UVA/B rays, environmental pollutions and free radicals. The skin is hydrated, supple and comfortable. Revives the complexion.


Prevage – City Smart (55 € 40ml)


Protects the skin from pollution, UV rays and visible signs of ageing. Supports the skin’s natural repair process. Moisturizes , smoothens the skin and revives the radiance of the complexion.


HYDR8 DAY 360 (59£, 50ml)


Protects the skin from pollution, UV rays and visible signs of ageing.  Hydrates and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.


WASO the new skincare line for millenials by Shiseido

Last month Shiseido released its new skincare line WASO. WASO is the combination of  “WA” (sense of peaceful, harmony) and “SO” (inspiration, idea and thought).

It’s time to challenge the status quo. Drawing on its Japanese heritage, Shiseido is redefining beauty. No more gender, age, etc.. but a range for everyone.

To celebrate the new approach to beauty, WASO features five unique faces who are the brand’s ambassadors; their unique personalities and positions bring WASO’s counter-culture to life and change the perception of what’s pretty.


Julian Klincewicz – Source Highsnobiety

Shiseido picked Julian Klincewicz, whose art consistency challenges creative boundaries, to bring WASO’s vision to life. At only 21 years old , the multi-talented Klincewicz  filmed the YEEZY Season 3 presentation in Madison Square Gardens, he shot video for Gosha Rubchinskiy, Eckhaus Latta, New York band Haerts, and he recently hosted his second exhibition in Tokyo (Highsnobiety). In short, the perfect choice to embody the voice of millenials.

Viviane Sassen  shot the campaign for WASO

HyperFocal: 0

Shiseido has designed a unique method for formulating whole botanical cells into the WASO range, to deliver a total skincare solution, called Whole Cell Release System W. (for moisturizers). Designed to treat the needs of Millennial skin, the product range resolves skincare concerns like dryness, oiliness and visible pores.

With Japanese ingredients as key ingredients across the range, WASO products contain:
Ninjin (carrot) – the moisturizers infused with the power of carrots nourishes skin, and keeps it feeling soft and plump.
Biwa no ha (loquat leaf) – the moisturizers infused with the power of loquat leaves, hydrate and mattify skin so it has less visible pores and suppresses shine.
Tofu – the skin smoother infused with the power of soy lecithin, refreshes skin so you can feel its smoothness immediately.
Shiro-Kikurage (white jelly mushroom) – the lotion infused with the power of white jelly mushroom delivers hydration to plump skin from within*. *epidermis
Hachimitsu (honey) – the cleanser infused with the power of honey removes impurities and refreshes skin, without stripping away essential moisture.


Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream (38$)

A specially-formulated, intensely hydrating clear cream with whole carrot cells.
Immediately plumps, softens and nourishes your skin throughout the entire day.




Quick Matte Moisturizer Oil-free (38$)

An instantly mattifying, oil-balancing, clear gel emulsion with whole loquat leaf cells. Leaves your skin feeling smooth, hydrated and less shiny.


Color-smart Day Moisturizer (38$)

A skin-brightening day moisturizer with whole carrot cells. Adeptly changes color to enhance your skin tone, for long lasting hydration and healthy-looking glow. SPF30.


Color-smart Day Moisturizer oil-free (38$)

A skin-brightening, day moisturizer with whole loquat leaf cells. Adeptly changes color to enhance your skin tone, for a matte, healthy-looking glow. SPF30.



Soft + Cushy Polisher (32$)

A skin-refining exfoliating polish. The tofu-like gentle texture clears complexion and leaves your skin silky and smooth.


Quick Gentle Cleanser (28$)

A heavenly refreshing cleanser with honey and royal jelly from bees.
The honey-like gel foams without water to remove makeup and impurities, without stripping essential moisture.



Fresh Jelly Lotion (30$)

An epic hydrating lotion with ingredient derived from white jelly mushrooms. The jelly-like texture transforms into lotion on your skin, plumping from within.


Olivia Wilde’s partnership with True Botanical


Flashnews: Olivia Wilde just signed with True Botanical. Olivia used to be the face of Revlon and now is heading to a “niche” brand.  “Everyone is a part of it for the right reasons,” “It’s a very different experience than working for Revlon, which is a massive global brand and has a legacy, [unlike] something new and trying to change the game like True Botanicals.” said  Olivia Wilde in a recent interview for WWD.

Olivia Wilde will be the Chief Brand Activist of True Botanical, part of responsibilities will be to promote the brand on social media and contribute to projects.

Hillary Peterson and Christina Mace-Turner are the co-founder of True Botanical a California based company selling luxury anti-aging products certified MADE SAFE™.  They created this brand with the strong desire to provide beauty consumer with super-concentrated, bio-active formulations that deliver clinically proven results without compromising their health. The duo caught the attention of Unilever which is now investing in their company.




Coty is on its way to acquire long-term licence rights for Burberry Beauty Luxury Fragrances and Cosmetics

“We are proud to welcome Burberry as a strategic partner of Coty.  We look forward to growing further Burberry’s luxury beauty products using Coty’s world-class expertise in developing and bringing to market beauty brands.”   said Camillo Pane, CEO Coty.

On April 3rd 2017, Burberry agreed to give exclusive long-term global licence rights for its fragrances, cosmetics and skincare to Coty. Like many brands did before, Burberry is entrusting Coty with the development and distribution of the full range of Burberry Beauty products globally.

Christopher Bailey, Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer, Burberry, said, “We are delighted to partner with Coty, a world leader in luxury fragrance and make-up.  Working with a global partner of Coty’s scale and expertise will help drive the next phase of Burberry Beauty’s development and position this business for growth.”

In FY 2015/16 Burberry Beauty revenue was £203M, as disclosed in Burberry’s annual results.  Coty will pay a cash consideration of £130M for the long-term exclusive global license. The deal is expected to close in calendar Q4 2017, at which point Coty will buy from Burberry approximately £50M of inventory.  The deal is subject to customary regulatory approvals. (source: Coty).


Discover J. One the Korean skin care line for women on the go


J. One Cosmetics

Ha Ji-Won, Korean beauty trendsetter and award-winning actress founded J. One, the skin care brand tailored-made for women on the go. The brand offers  multitasking and cosmetics-enhancing formats that grip onto makeup to deliver a naturally radiant, flawless finish.

Jelly Pack ($42)


J. One – Jelly Pack

Jelly Pack is suitable to all skin types. It contains Hyaluronic Acid  for a plumper appearance, soothing & hydrating Chamomile Flower Water and Fullerene for an optimal protection against free radicals and radant skin.

Jelly Pack can be used as part of your morning routine to cleansed skin first thing in the morning as a multitasking treatment, mask, and primer—working to instantly hydrate and prime the skin for makeup.

Jelly Cream ($42)


J. One – Jelly Cream

Jelly Pack is suitable to all skin types. This ultralightweight, antiaging gel  contains Fullerene , a powerful antioxidant that will oxygenate and deliver visible lift and plumpness to your skin. Alongside Fullerene this gel is packed with a super hydrating  and nourishing blend of Manuka honey, Propolis, and Royal Jelly. The featherlight formula also brims with sugar cane extract and potent botanical moisturizers for a firm, fresh, luminous complexion.

Hana Cream ($50)


J. One – Hana Cream

Hana Cream is suitable for all skin types. Hana Cream comes into small spherical capsules  enabling you to save time and to use the right portion. You have the Fullerene for its antiaging and antioxidant benefits, a nourishing blend of macadamia and sunflower oils and  Zhimu extracts (concentrated peptides)that will reduce fine lines and wrinkles whilst firming the skin for a toned and glowing appearance.




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